02/24 Forewarned is Forearmed
that everyone should
be able to defend themselves
this is the date when the whole world realized
what about February 24, 2022?
Suddenly, on February 24, I understand that armor must be in every house
Eugene Lukashevich, Founder of 02/24


02/24 is a national Ukrainian manufacturer of body armor and protective equipment.
We work hard every day to make your life safer.
We produce armor plates using the best steel grades and proprietary anti-ricochet coating
Each batch of products undergoes mandatory ballistic tests and is certified for compliance with DSTU 8782:2018 & 8788:2018 for actual defense CLASS
We produce more than 8000 bulletproof vests monthly
Ballistic Test Results
Cutting metal to the shape of the plate
Rolling plates for an anatomical bend
Stamping of the anti-ricochet layer
Vest Design
Vest Production
CAM Production
The composition of finished products
The composition of finished products
Ballistic tests
Shot Armor Plates
Designed in Ukraine
02/24 Plate Benefit 02/24 CAM Benefit 02/24 Textile Benefit 02/24 FIT Benefit 02/24 MOLLE Benefit 02/24 Sling Benefit 02/24 VELCRO Benefit
All Products are Certified According to DSTU 8782:2018
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stay safe
We know
what we're doing
We know
why we do it
We know
why you need it
is forearmed
what we know
Why 02/24?
omnia vincit veritas
We serve
our victory
Our Philosophy
He that is warned afore is noght bygiled
what do you need to know?
Return / exchange of products
According to the Consumer Protection Act, it is possible to return products without traces of operation within 14 days of purchase.

The product can be returned when:
• product parameters differ from the stated ones;
• the quality of the products does not meet the technical characteristics.

Please note
that in order to return the products, you must keep the packaging, consignment note / goods receipt and make sure that the goods are not damaged.

Making orders
There are three identical paths:

1. Use the online form on the site
2. Call the phone number +380.44.333.82.42
3. Send the letter with the order to the e-mail address ARMOR@0224.PRO

What is the difference between the materials in the armor plates?
The difference is in the thickness and hardness of the plate, and therefore in the weight of the product.

However, all our armor plates correspond to the 5th class of protection, so they have identical protective characteristics.
Is it possible to order a separate vest without armor plates?
You can only order a vest or armor plate.

What is the function of the anti-ricochet coating?
Anti-ricochet coating is designed to protect the body in the event of a bullet or fragment on the outer layer of the body armor, which can cause injury.
Is it possible to order an anti-ricochet and a damper separately?
No. Because the coating is created by our own technology, it applies only to our own products.

However, it is possible to make an individual coating to order and, if necessary, complete your plate with it.

What material is the vest made of?
CORDURA® 1000D is a durable nylon fabric with a special thread structure. It is covered with a polyurethane layer with water-repellent impregnation.
What is the MOLLE system?
Modular lightweight unloading equipment is a system of connecting and arranging equipment with each other.
How to store a vest?
When the vest is not in use, store it in a horizontal position and in a cool dry place.
How are orders delivered in Ukraine and abroad?
The cost of delivery services to your address is not included in the cost of products.

Delivery is at the expense of the recipient.

A. Within Ukraine, we deliver to any operator (Ukrposhta, Nova Poshta, Mist Express).
B. Outside Ukraine, delivery is subject to mandatory additional approval.

Is the equipment guaranteed?
The body armor does not have an expiration date, but according to the NIJ (National Institute of Justice), on all 02/24 certified body armors, the guarantee period is indicated on the armor label.
Is there a discount system?
Yes. We provide discounts to system / institutional customers and volunteer organizations.

All possible conditions are discussed individually.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to Heroes!
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